When the humans first set foot on the southern shores of Jordnmel, the only interest they had was to settle. They wandered inland. Exhausted, looking for a safe-haven, they found the great river. When they noticed that the river is drying out, they started moving north and west.

When the part of the river on which they had most of their cities finally dried out, there were a lot of people looking for a new home. Most of them went north, where they met the dwarves. They agreed to help the dwarves in their war against orcs in exchange for the northern lands.

When the orcs were driven off and the new lands of the north gained, the people began settling them. And along the three major kingdoms: Sakun (the south and largest kingdom), Dolkin (the east kingdom) and Sanbrion (the west kingdom), the fourth kingdom of Nordoriam was built.