He was a dragon, coming from the southern regions of ______. He's known for killing Konrad and few of his fellow dragonslayers in _______, he was wounded in the fight and flew back to the south, where he had healed his wounds.He was not seen in the north for 16 years. In the year 6020 he was spotted by Teithon and Anabelle near the Fortess of Turdan. The two scouts reported the dragon's presence to Aldur, chieftain of Dragonslayers. After they reported its presence, they went to hunt him down the same day. Aldur lost his left arm in the fight and slightly wounded the dragon, but the Giant Shepard managed to leave the ground. As he was trying to escape he was attacked by Metius and Alisson flying on a gryphon, where he was easily brought down to the ground where Metius stabbed him in the throat with a spear, that penetrated all the way to his brains, killing him in a matter of seconds.

Origin of name

The name "Giant Shepherd" was given to the dragon by Konrad, for his enormous size and custom of slaughtering sheep across the fields.